Relations with the Clients

Professional attitude at the DG implies observance of several law practice basic principles, such as independence, autonomy, professionalism, conscientiousness, integrity, confidentiality, trustworthiness, incompatibility, responsibility and steadfastness. The operational system at the DG functions in such manner that all the attorneys shall be informed subject to individual Client’s case, and also that the Client shall be informed in relation to each aspect thereof during the course of the proceedings, and by means of minute-book copies from the hearing, as well as all counter-party’s briefs, and the DG briefs on electronic media.

Guidelines (Instructions)

Engagement of the DG implies a proxy stating that the DG shall undertake all legal actions aimed at protecting the Client’s interests pursuant to specific case. Different guidelines by the Client shall be in writing or on electronic media. It shall be regarded that the Client has accepted the aforestated DG General Terms on condition no other contract has been concluded with the Client.


Except in other cases and subject to agreement in writing, all compensations for the DG shall be determined in acordance with the value of the legal action as undertaken and stipulated by the Tariff of Fees of Attorneys. Compensations per hourly rate shall be subject to measured work-time indicators in the Client’s case, and multiplied by the hourly rate of all persons participating in such work. Operational time in the Client’s case includes meetings with the Client, as well as the time spent on business trips, peruse of documentation, document drafting and processing, and also all written communication regarding the matter, telephone calls, etc. Should pursuant to Client’s instructions the DG be obliged to operate during night hours or weekends, the DG reserves the right to increase the hourly rate by 50% in case that such Client’s request be not established upon objective grounds.

Flat Rate

In all cases of long-term legal aid / consulting services, the DG and the Client shall stipulate the amount of flat compensation to be effected monthly by the Client, and pursuant to invoice issued. The volume of operations performed by the DG pursuant to flat compensation shall be stipulated subject to relevant Agreement, and shall not imply representation at courts and state authorities.


Subject to actions carried out by the DG on behalf of the Client, and in order to protect the Client’s interests, the Client shall authorise the DG to bear the costs and expenses as regarded necessary during the operative performance. The Client shall reimburse the costs unto the DG subject to legal services payment, and/or the DG might request from the client to make relevant payments in advance. These costs shall also include the court fees, stamp duty, courier service expenses, allowance for experts engaged by the DG and subject to Client’s approval, etc.


The DG shall issue relevant invoice for the current month and on the last day thereof, except in cases when other method of accounting has been stipulated subject to Agreement. In the event that specific service has not been rendered subject to long-term representation, the DG shall invoice the service per operation performed. In the invoices issued the DG shall specify the services as supplied subject to case number and / or other identification data related to the Client’s file. The amount invoiced shall be stated either in RSD or in EUR, depending upon the place of the Client’s registered office / residence.

Termination of the Service Period

On justified grounds as stated in articles 22. & 26. of the Attorneys’ Code of Ethics, the DG shall be entitled to terminate the service period subject to 30-day notice communicated unto the Client.

Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest

All information subject to Client’s business transactions shall be regarded as confidential, except in the event of the Client’s approval to make these public, or else in case there is an obligation pursuant to Law for the DG to publish or communicate the aforestated data. By accepting the DG General Terms the Client also consents to his business title to be optionally used by the DG subject to information concerning professional references. Nevertheless, this shall by no means imply disclosure of any confidential information unto third parties.

Filing and Disposal of Documents

The DG operational documents, all written communication between the DG and the Client, as well as all other documents drafted by the DG, shall remain the property of the DG. After all operational activities subject to a particular case have been terminated relevant documents shall be filed upon electronic media.


The DG shall retain all copyright, as well as other entitlements subject to any documents supplied to the Client. The Client shall have a non-exclusive licence to make relevant use of aforestated other cases.

Limited Liability

The financial liability of the DG towards the Client shall be limited to the maximum cover amount as secured subject to professional liability insurance.

Waiver / Nullity

Proceeds contrary to statements included in a single clause, or several clauses as stated in the DG General Terms, shall by no means be interpreted as a waiver thereof. Nullity or otherwise default of any clause as included in the DG General Terms shall by no means imply invalidity of other clauses as stated herein, whereas these shall remain binding for both parties.

Exclusive Benefits

The Client hereby agrees not to make accessible the information concerning the DG operations unto third parties without a prior written consent by the DG. The DG shall not undertake any responsibility towards third parties subject to any aspect of professional services as rendered by the DG in case any third party had access to such services.

Modifications and Amendments

The DG shall retain the right to make any modifications with regard to the General Terms whenever that might be expedient, and subject to notice in writing forwarded to the Client by electronic means of communication. In any event, all/any modifications and amendments shall be made public by means of the DG web-presentation in order to make the information on DG operations accessible to the public, as the case shall be with all contingent changes in the professional environment, as well as in other legal conditions.



  • DG – the Dušica Grba Law Office at the address – No. 36 Višnjička St., Postal Code:11060 Belgrade;
  • Agreement – Legal Services Agreement as concluded in writing;
  • Client – any natural person or legal entity benefiting from the legal services supplied by the DG;
  • Attorney at Law – any Person employed as attorney at law at the DG;
  • Associate – a Law School graduate with the jurisdictional qualifying examination, employed at the DG;
  • Trainee Lawyer – a Law School graduate employed at the DG subject to training programme;
  • AT – Tariff of Fees of Attorneys subject to reimbursement of costs for attorneys at law;

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